RSV 10 Wapenkluis (10 Wapens) - Inbraaktest Grade 0 - Sleutelslot

Wapenkluis met inbraakcertificatie Grade 0 en verplaatsbare munitiedozen inbegrepen.

Beschikbaar met sleutel- en codeslot.

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How To Bolt the Safe
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  • Il grado 0 è la prima classe di certificazione. Più resistente di S1 ​​e S2.

Meer informatie
ProductnaamRSV 10 Wapenkluis (10 Wapens) - Inbraaktest Grade 0 - Sleutelslot
ModelRSV 10 - Nøglelås
KluistypeGunnebo RSV
Leveringstijd1 week
Soort kluisVrijstaand
Gewicht - (kg)136
InbraakclassificatieGRADE 0
Testmethode tegen inbraakEN 1143-1
Sleutels inbegrepen2 (meer tegen vergoeding)
Planken (Standaard)1 Plank (niet verplaatsbaar)
Capaciteit - Wapens10 Geweren
Maximale wapenhoogte (mm)1240
MunitiedoosVerplaatsbare munitiedoos
Munitiedoos hoogte (mm)200
Hoogte - Extern (mm)1500
Breedte - Extern (mm)575
Diepte - Extern (mm)400
Hoogte - Intern (mm)1.492 
Breedte - Intern (mm)547 
Diepte - Intern (mm)340 
VerankeringVloer, Muur

Sikker våbenopbevaring med et våbenskab fra Rosengrens serie. Våbenskabene er en komplet serie, som beskytter mod indbrud og tyveri.

Våbenskabene fra Rosengrens leveres i flere størrelser, hvoraf den mindste er tilpasset til mindre pistoler / ammunition, mens større skabe kan indeholde op til 10 våben med tilbehør. Dette våbenskab vejer 136 kg og har kapacitet til 10 våben og er det største våbenskab i serien. Ønskes der en kombineret opbevaring af både våben og andet værdi kan sikringskabet udstyres med en eller flere sidehyldeindsatser.

Indbrudssikring i våbenskabet

Rosengrens våbenskab er testet og certificeret af F&P / SKAFOR som våbenskab. Våbenskabsproducenten er certificeret i henhold til ISO 9001.

Den nye våbenlov kræver ligeledes at ammunition opbevares i et særskilt godkendt værdiskab i Grade 0. Våbenskabene skal fastboltes forsvarligt til gulv eller væg.

Lås & Design

Samtlige af modellerne er standard forsynet med en omstillelig nøglelås med to nøgler. Våbenskabet kan også forsynes med andre godkendte låse, mod tillæg.

Rosengrens våbenskab kommer i et lysegråt design, der passer flot og diskret ind i hjemmet. Samtlige våbenskabsmodeller er forberedt fastboltning i gulv eller væg. Som tilvalg kan der leveres sidehyldeindsatser (model RSV 7-10) og supplerende vægte.

Klik her for at  læse mere om våbenskabe.

Customer Questions
Safes: What does Safe Burglary Grade or Rating mean?

Safes have to be certified according to EN-1143-1 or EN 14450 regulations. These well-defined standards classify safes into security Grades.The amounts that can be insured in a specific safe variate across European countries.

Safe Locks: Do the external dimensions include the lock?

No, the lock is not included in the external dimensions of the safe. Measures of the safe are without the lock handle and fitting. You can find the lock dimension on the product description under the attribute "Lock depth".

Gun Safes: Will my guns be subject to humidity/rust if I leave them in my safe for a long time?

If you want to prevent your guns and ammunition from getting rusted, you should always protect them from humidity. Depending on what kind of safe you own and its location, moisture may develop inside the safe and can damage the content beyond repair.

Therefore, we recommend that you open the safe every 2 weeks for at least 15 minutes, to ensure that your documents/guns remain in the pristine condition in the safe.

Furthermore, you should always pay attention when choosing where you want to install the safe. It is always better to avoid places with high humidity levels, such as basements or any places close to laundry rooms.

It is also advisable to place a dehumidifier in the safe if it is placed in an area with high humidity.

Install a safe: What should I consider when bolting my safe?

Consider next point when:

  1. The material of the wall/the floor plays an important role here. For example, concrete ensures a safer and more solid bolting material than wood.
  2. Make sure you check if there are any cables or wires in the wall or the floor you want to drill into. Be careful with the heating and/or piping system as well. If you have underfloor heating, we strongly recommend that you do not drill down into your floor. Instead, you can secure your safe by bolting it to the wall.
  3. If you don't have a solid floor surface, consider a wall safe installation.
  4. You might need the help of a second person to move the safe into position.
  5. We advise bolting the vault both to the wall and floor if possible.

Install a safe: Can you help me with the installation of my safe?

Yes! SafeGear is very happy to offer support in your delivery & installation process of one of our certified safes. Safety and security during the implementation plays a vital role for us. Therefore, we decided to cooperate with professional safe engineers who are able to secure and guarantee this.


The costs regarding this depend on numerous factors:

  • the exact weight of the safe
  • the bolting process (if you wish it to be bolted on the wall, floor or somewhere else) 
  • the floor you live on
  • general accessibility of your apartment/house
  • existing elevators or stairs 


Planning your delivery and installation process with our support saves you a lot of time, avoids wrong installation and prevents any damage.

A frequent error when installing a safe without professional help is that many people leave a space between the safe and for example the wall, without bolting it appropriately. Moreover, if stored in a wardrobe, it should not be solely put inside, one should create a possibility to bolt the safe to a solid ground. Not following those procedures decreases security and simplifies theft. Our engineer specialists with experience in the vault industry can perfectly install your safe in the wished location and therefore facilitate your life and secure your valuables.

If you consider delivery & installation with our help, please inform us beforehand so we can prepare and arrange the best fit for you.


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