Gemini Pro D-I 97 Depositsafe (119 L) with Internal Compartment - Burglary Test D-I - Code Lock Axessor

Gemini Pro D-I 97 deposit safe, manufactured and certified in Grade 1 in Germany.

This safe is ideal to store jewelry, documents, cash and other valuables, it is suitable for an office safe and as theft prevention in retail stores.

Gemini Pro D-I 97 is provided with multi-walled door and body construction. The door is secured with powerful three-way bolts.

High resistance to mechanical and thermal methods.

Prepared for floor bolting using the enclosed mounting kit.

This safe has a code lock - Axessor

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How To bolt the Safe
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Axessor - Battery Change
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  • Grade I prevents burglary access for 30 minutes.

Meer informatie
ProductnaamGemini Pro D-I 97 Depositsafe (119 L) with Internal Compartment - Burglary Test D-I - Code Lock Axessor
ModelGemini Pro D-I 97 with Internal Compartment - Code Lock
KluistypeGemini Pro Deposit D-I - Afstortkluis met inbraakbeveiliging Grade I, voor veilige opslag van contant geld en andere waardevolle spullen. Het antidiefstalsysteem van deze kluis maakt het onmogelijk om geld uit de laden te stelen.
KleurenRAL 7024 (Standaard). RAL 7035 (Optioneel). Andere kleuren (optioneel + 15%)
Leveringstijd1-2 weken
Soort kluisVrijstaand
KluisopslagDocumenten, Geld, Medicijnen, Sleutels
Gewicht - (kg)384
InbraakclassificatieGRADE I
Testmethode tegen inbraakEN 1143-2
Testcentrum tegen inbraakVdS Duitsland
Cash RatingGRADE I
BrandveiligGeen Brandgeïsoleerd
Type slotKaba Axessor USB
Battery & emergency openingAAA, Batteries can be replaced from the outside
Capaciteit - Liter119
Hoogte - Extern (mm)775
Breedte - Extern (mm)665
Diepte - Extern (mm)665
Diepte - Deurhandvat inbegrepen (mm)707 
Hoogte - Intern (mm)370 
Breedte - Intern (mm)605 
Diepte - Intern (mm)530 
Deuropening - Hoogte (mm)331
Deuropening - Breedte (mm)555
Deuropening - Hoek180 Graden - externe scharnieren
Breedte (Kluis + Deur) - Open deur 180 graden1259
Diepte (Kluis + Deur) - Deur open met 90 graden1290
Deurbouten3-zijdige bouten (Ø 25mm)
DeurstructuurMeerwandig staal (135mm)
Inclusief bouten1

Gemini Pro D-I 97 (104 L) with Internal Compartment - Deposit Safe Burglary Tested in Grade I

The Gemini Pro D-I 97 is a deposit safe in Grade 1, perfect to optimize the cash handling, also for the storage of documents, keys, and other valuables.

This safe is suitable for offices, restaurants, petrol stations, supermarkets, banks and other retail or wholesale businesses to prevent unauthorized access.

Employees or third parties can deposit money or other valuables inside the box but only authorized people, as the owner or store manager, can access the content stored in the box and the internal compartment. 

Having this safe means more security for both business owners and their staff. Reduces the risk of robbery, thereby offering safety protection for both staff and valuables.

Burglary Test

Gemini Pro D-I has been certified in Germany and burglary tested in Grade I according to EN 1143-2 by VdS.

Key Facts

This deposit safe has a multi-walled body construction to provide greater security.

Gemini Pro D-I 97 has solid high-quality steel edging, with multi-wall special door construction (135 mm thick). Three-sided powerful steel bolts locking (Ø 25 mm) ensures the door on the hinge side.

The hinges of the door have been placed externally on the safe, offering a 180º opening of the door.

The door front and body of Gemini Pro have been made with materials that protect against attacks with mechanical and thermal burglary tools.

It is prepared with the necessary holes to be bolted to the floor, the mounting kit is included.

Lock Options

These safes are available with two types of locks:

• Double-bit high-security key lock with two keys (120 mm long).
• High protection code lock.

This model is with a high protection code lock. 

Configuration Options

The swivel box in the pusher unit pivots by 90°, so the drawer thus empties completely. With the clever drawer system, fishing is impossible, increasing the security level of the safe.

The deposit system comes equipped with a built-in emergency blocking system which is triggered by the application of force.

The standard color of the door and walls is Graphite Grey (RAL 7024), also available in Light Grey (RAL 7035).

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