Combistorage 120 - 3 Sections - ontvlambaar/zuren/base

Brandwerende kluizen voor ontvlambare substanties.

EFO kluizen zijn ontworpen om ontvlambare producten veilig in op te bergen.

Geschikt voor laboratoriums, pharmaceuticals, industriële bedrijven of simpelweg overal waar ontvlambare stoffen en substanties een veilige opslagplaats nodig hebben.

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ProductnaamCombistorage 120 - 3 Sections - ontvlambaar/zuren/base
KluistypeZero 3 Zero
KleurenAls afbeelding
Leveringstijd1-3 werkdagen
Soort kluisVrijstaand
KluisopslagGevaarlijke materialen
Gewicht - (kg)378
Brandveilig90 minuten
Testmethode tegen brandFWF Method
Testcentrum tegen brandBVQI
Hoogte - Extern (mm)1950
Breedte - Extern (mm)1200
Diepte - Extern (mm)600
Hoogte - Intern (mm)1.540 
Breedte - Intern (mm)1.080 
Diepte - Intern (mm)446 
Deuropening - Hoek90 Graden - interne scharnieren

Fire resistant Storage Cabinet for inflammable substances, acids and bases

Combistorage Safety Cabinet is a series of safes that have been specifically built to store inflammable materials and chemicals.

Especially in the first stage of fire, those substances can release extremely toxic fumes: That´s why it is of utmost importance to keep them protected in a proper place.

A Combistorage safe is the professional solution to avoid in a smart way those kind of unfortunate events.

Frequently seen in pharmaceutical companies or chemical laboratories, it might be opportunely applied in simply any place where hazardous substances are regularly handled.

Fire proof isolation according EN14470-1 standard for 90 minutes

Each component of this reliable safety storage has been carefully designed and constructed according to the EN14470-1 norm (February 2005 update, FWF technique).

Due to the dangerous behaviour of the substances for which it has been developed, this professional cabinet ensures the integrity of liquids, flammable substances and chemicals for up to 90 minutes of fire.

The outside walls have been assembled using mineral-wool high-temperature panels, certified by MO CSTB n ° 9234624.3 and RINA non-combustibility norm, (fiber ceramics exempt) and fixed with ceramic adhesives.

On the inside, the high technology Quirk insulation in calcium silicate (DIN 4102) CLASS 0 REI20, releases water molecules with the purpose of lowering the internal temperature in case of fire.

Key Facts

If from the outside it can be mistaken for a traditional cabinet, the EFO series unveils its high rank technology when coming to terms with materials and methods of construction.

The double body structure has been internally strengthen in electrogalvanized cold pressed steel plate with a thickness up to 1.5 mm.

The whole external surface has been varnished with antacid epoxy powders applied using a 200 °C  thermal gallery.

Even the mere opening-closing process has been taken into risk consideration by teams of engineers, eventually providing the door with advanced security systems: anti-sparking hinges and, thanks to its valves sensors, an automatic door and ventilation closure in case the air temperature exceeds 50 °C. Both doors can be independently leveled to avoid possible ground irregularities.

On top of that, 3 centimeters of thermodilatable insulation joints guarantee a perfect closing.

Furthermore, a grounding terminal has been put in place to prevent electrostatic charges.

When dealing with hazardous substances no one wants to take any chances, and at SafeGear we know it well.

Configuration Options

This model of Combistorage Safety Cabinet is usefully divided in three sections, to properly store each substance on its own shelf. The divisions are organized as follows:

Inflammables Department:

• 3 height adjustable tray shelves in epoxy coated steel, with a maximum certified load of 80 kg.
• Steel bottom retention tray, 18 liters capacity
• Security Key Lock

Acids Department:

• 3 height adjustable bucket shelves in epoxy coated steel, with a maximum certified load of 60 kg (each shelf dimension 495Hx420Wx39D)

Bases Department:

• 2 height adjustable stainless steel buckets, with a maximum certified load of 60 kg (each shelf dimension 495Hx420Wx39D)

Already equipped with a upper hole, this high security cabinet is ready to be installed and connected to an air ventilation system.

Electric forced ventilation systems (alarmed or not) are available upon request.

Colors Light Gray (7035) and Yellow (RAL 1021) are available free of any charge. Other colors are available for an extra fee.

The warranty offered by the manufacturer is of 36 months.

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If you have questions about finding the right configuration for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Click here for Safegear’s full selection of safes.

*You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

Fire proof isolation according EN14470-1 standard for 90 minutes

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