Lyra 14 Safe (165 L) Burglary Test Grade I - Key Lock

Lyra Grade 1 is a series of secure and burglary tested safes certified by ECB-S Germany in Grade I.

A Lyra safe is suitable for private and office use to secure cash, jewelry, documents, medicine and other valuables that require a secure storage.

The body is made of 3 walls and the door is reinforced by a three-sided bolt locking.

This model comes with an insurance approved double-bit key lock. 

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  • Grade I prevents burglary access for 30 minutes.

Meer informatie
ProductnaamLyra 14 Safe (165 L) Burglary Test Grade I - Key Lock
ModelLyra 14 - Key Lock
KluistypeLyra - Inbraakwerend in Grade 0 en I. Geschikt voor de opslag van documenten, cash, juwelen, medicatie en andere waardevolle spullen. De Lyra kan in meubels gemonteerd worden.
Leveringstijd2-3 weken
Gewicht - (kg)142
InbraakclassificatieGRADE I
Testmethode tegen inbraakEN 1143-1
Testcentrum tegen inbraakECB•S Duitsland
Sleutels inbegrepen2 (meer tegen vergoeding)
Planken (Standaard)3 Verplaatsbare planken
Capaciteit - Ordners18
Hoogte - Extern (mm)0
Breedte - Extern (mm)0
Diepte - Extern (mm)0
Diepte - Deurhandvat inbegrepen (mm)0
Hoogte - Intern (mm)0
Breedte - Intern (mm)0
Diepte - Intern (mm)0

Lyra 14 - Strong and reliable valuable safe - Key Lock

Lyra Grade 1 provide safe storage of valuables such as cash, jewelry, documents or other items. Made in a robust but discreet design, this safe will look great in a private home, retail shop or companies.

Burglary tested safe in Grade I

This safe has been tested and certified in Germany by ECB-S in Grade I according to the European standard EN 1143-1.
Do you need a burglary tested safe in Grade I with an additional fire insulation ? Click here to see the product page.

Key Facts

Both the body and the door of Lyra Grade 1 safes has been conceived of 3 walls ensuring a high resistance against known methods of burglar attempts including a special barrier to withstand hammer, chisel, drill and cutting attachments.

Lock Options

This safe comes with a double-bit key lock delivered with 2 keys (120mm long).

Configuration Options

The number of shelves depends on the model, please refer on the table in the product pictures.

Lyra Grade 1 safes comes in Graphite Grey (RAL 7024) with possible color change to Light Grey (RAL 7035)  without an additional charge.

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