The Bel-Air Magnus

De aandacht die is gegeven voor de hoogste kwaliteit, in combinatie met een lang en uitgebreid test proces, verzekert de duurzaamheid van dit luxueuse hogeveiligheids meubelstuk. De kracht dimensies van The Bel-Air Magnus worden geprezen als "uitmuntend".

Voor de passievolle jager of de vurige verzamelaar van luxe horloges is The Bel-Air Magnus een uiterst stijlvolle en betrouwbare opslagplaats. 

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ProductnaamThe Bel-Air Magnus
KluistypeThe Bel-Air Magnus is far more than simply a larger and heavier luxury safe. The special locking system and the doors that open out from the center make it a unique demonstration of powerful elegance.
Gewicht - (kg)1500
Hoogte - Extern (mm)1640
Breedte - Extern (mm)1200
Diepte - Extern (mm)650
Deuropening - Hoek180 Graden - externe scharnieren
Breedte (Kluis + Deur) - Open deur 180 graden2530

The Bel-Air Magnus – A unique demonstration of powerful elegance

Opening the two doors of this luxury safe from its center is like an excellent orchestration of strength and mass, exposing the wonderfully designed inner workings to the eye.

To understand the unlimited number of customization possibilities, you can always check the image gallery to get inspired. If you either are a fervent hunter who wants to store and display his arms or an avid collector of watches, the Bel-Air Magnus is the high-security safe for you.

Key facts

The Bel-Air Magnus employs patented plating made of thermally treated hard sintering and ceramic stones with a hardness grade of 9 (out of 10).

The Bel-Air Magnus also fulfills all insurance requirements.

Its fulfillment of the highest-quality standards and extraordinary security requirements are manufactured according to the most rigorous German industrial standard, DIN EN ISO 9001, and fulfills the European directives ECB-S/EN 1143-1.

Lock options

The electronic locking system offers a number of security functions along with unexcelled convenience.

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It goes without saying that The Bel-Air Magnus possesses the same endless customization possibilities, both outside and inside. For more information about luxury safes or any questions about the customization please contacts us, we'll be happy to help you.

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